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Sep 26, 2012 4:00am PDT
obama. >> reporter: romney has been trying to make the case he'll do a better job with the economy but in all three states the polls shows president obama leading on that issue. >> the path i offer is harder but it leads to a better place. i'm asking you to choose that future. >> reporter: romney does lead in one category, voters in those same states say he would do a better job on the deficit. and both candidates will be appearing in the cleveland and toledo area today and romney will also be making a stop near columbus. >> it's on. thanks. two powerful bombs exploded in the syrian capital of damascus this morning. the explosion detonated minutes apart followed by gunfire. the attack was blamed on terrorists. damascus has been rocked by a series of bombings in recent months as the uprising against president bashir al assad escalates. >> egypt's president is scheduled to address the u.n. general assembly. his remarks will be closely watched for signs of what direction egypt's new government may go. on tuesday president obama addressed the general assembly. he urged world leaders to
Oct 1, 2012 4:00am PDT
have a barn burner now. >> reporter: the debate will center on domestic issues including the economy but right now romney is focused on foreign policy and has been slamming the president over his handling of the events in the middle east. in an op-ed in the "wall street journal" romney said the president showed weakness in the middle east. he said president obama heightened the prospect of conflict and instability. he doesn't understand an american policy that lacks resolve can provoke aggression and encourage disorder. white house aides says the president is looking forward to debating foreign policy with mitt romney. >> this president promised two things in 2008. he ended the iraq war. he did. he will focus on bin laden and bring him to justice. >> reporter: romney is said to be planning a major foreign policy speech to be delivered in the next few weeks. foreign policy is the focus of the final presidential debate on october 22nd in florida. >> susan mcginnis in washington this morning. susan, thank you so much. come november colorado voters are expected to pass an amendment addre
Sep 25, 2012 4:00am PDT
a stalling global economy. the dow lost 20 points on monday. the nasdaq was down 19 points, dragged down by apple. investors are concerned that the company cannot meet the demand for its new iphone. >>> sales of the new iphone 5 were solid. apple says it sold more than five million since their debut on friday. but that fell short of analysts' expectations. apple shares lost more than 1% on monday, closing at $690.70 per share. shares hit an all-time high of $705 on friday. >>> workers at a plant in china where apple's iphones are assembled went back to work this morning. the factory was closed for one day after 2,000 employees rioted over working conditions. 40 people were injured. apple has come under intense criticism following reports of poor working conditions at the factory. >>> facebook stock took yet another hit. shares fell about 9% monday to close at $20.83 per share. the selloff was triggered by a report which said facebook stock is still too expensive. the report said the stock is worth $15. facebook sold for $38 per share when the company went public back in may. >>> discover
Sep 28, 2012 4:00am PDT
obama talked to voters in southern virginia. >> growing our economy begins with a strong and thriving middle class. >> reporter: while mitt romney talked with veterans about looming cuts to the military in the northern part of the state. >> 136,000 jobs will be lost in virginia as a result of this move. >> reporter: the candidates will spend time this weekend preparing for next week's debate, ahead of the face-off in denver, both campaigns seem to be trying to lower expectations. >> we are looking forward to the debates, as you know. there have been difficulties and you have to give the president credit for the campaign they're running. >> reporter: romney's staff issued a talking points memo telling surrogates to point out how well president obama has done in past debates. >> as president i'm going to have to make some tough decisions. >> reporter: the obama campaign issued a statement pointing out that the president hasn't debated since 2008. >> 10,000 bucks. >> reporter: while governor romney got practice in during the primaries. obama campaign spokesman says the worst case scenari
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4